Why Reforestation in Uruguay?


Discover how Cuchilla Grande's mild temperatures and ample rainfall create the perfect setting for trees to flourish and sequester carbon year-round.

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Embracing Sustainable Transportation in the Moving Industry


Explore the eco-friendly revolution shaping global mobility in the moving industry. From electric vehicles to green logistics, we're reducing carbon footprints and embracing a responsible future.

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Why Afforestation in Panama?


Uncover the unique climate advantages that make Panama the ultimate location for impactful tree planting.

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The 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 global goals established by the United Nations in 2015. In this article we explain what the goals are used for and how ecolegIT contributes to this.

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Climate Change & Extreme Weather


Discover how climate change drives extreme weather, from heatwaves to floods. See how rising temperatures worsen these events and the importance of reducing carbon emissions. Join our fight against climate change through sustainable programs and reforestation projects!

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Zero Emissions Day 2023


Zero Emissions Day is a global movement dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable practices. Learn about the significance of this important day, how ecolegIT supports this movement, and our active contributions towards a greener future.

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Celebrating World Ozone Day 2023


On World Ozone Day, we reflect on preserving the ozone layer. Explore how ecolegIT addresses climate change and our commitment to perserve the ozone. Join us in safeguarding the ozone together!

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The Importance of Combating Climate Change


Gain insights into the causes and effects of climate change, and discover actionable steps to combat this global challenge. Join the fight against climate change with ecolegIT's innovative sustainability program for the moving and global mobility industry.

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Why Our Sustainability Program matters


Discover the significant environmental consequences of moving and how the ecolegIT sustainability program is making a difference. Learn how our program offsets CO2 emissions and brings about structural changes to improve the sustainability of individual moves.

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7 Environmental Consequences of Moving


Relocation comes with significant environmental consequences that demand our attention and action. Learn how companies can actively contribute to mitigating their environmental impact and make a significant difference in promoting sustainability within the moving industry.

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Exploring Climate Change through Podcasts: Interesting Voices and Insights


We will delve into the world of podcasts that tackle climate change head-on, highlighting five remarkable examples that provide valuable insights and diverse perspectives.

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10 Green Mobility strategies for moving companies


Enhance your sustainability practices today!

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Happy International Day of the Tropics!


Together, let’s work on tropical sustainability

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Happy Global Wind Day!


Embracing Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future

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Happy World Ocean Day!


Today, at World Ocean Day, we want to raise global awareness about a critical issue affecting our ocean.

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Harmony Relocation Network joins ecolegIT


The partnership provides a collective answer to the need for sustainable moving. The partnership provides a collective answer to the need for sustainable moving.

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BGRS Partners with UNLSH Mobility for sustainability initiative


BGRS and UNLSH Mobility today announced a partnership to bring ecolegIT, the all-new sustainability program for the global mobility industry, to BGRS clients.

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