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ecolegIT for Service Providers & RMC's


Be part of an all-new sustainable program for moving companies and their clients across the world. With ecolegIT, enjoy full carbon emission offset and ensure your clients a carbon-neutral move!


Registering your moves with ecolegIT makes them count! Not only does ecolegIT fully offset the carbon emitted by your move, our donation also contributes to local social circumstances.

Validate CO2

The unique ecolegIT algorithm carefully calculates all carbon emitted by a move for full carbon emission offset. Moreover, all carbon offset is audited by the renowned Parsifal Corporation.


ecolegIT only works with reliable, certified forestry partners that invest in internationally acknowledged sustainable forestry projects. Together, we work on a better, greener moving industry.

A simple all-in-one fee

ecolegIT combines full CO2 compensation access to the latest relocation & moving technology for the complete move in one attractive fee. The fee consists of a flat fee per shipment modality used and includes both compensation for the emission of the modality and the license costs for the Move Tech solutions. The table below displays the ecolegIT fee for one or more modes of shipment.

The compensation includes:

All logistical emission for the primary mode of transportation selected

An increment for origin to (air)port and (air)port to destination transportation by road

A generic increment for possible other emissions such as transportation of the move crew itself, emission by lifts and possible transportation to local storage of part of the volume

Quickly file compensations for yourself or your accounts


Add your client to your ecolegIT environment: you can connect a client by using their exclusive ecolegIT key.


Choose the client you are filing the compensation for. You can also file compensations for your own company.


Upload individual compensations or file bulk compensations by uploading an Excel file generated from your favorite move management system


Review and confirm your compensations


View the compensations for yourself and your clients through quarterly and yearly reporting!

The ecolegIT fee explained

Not only does the single ecolegIT fee per modality offer clear, fixed costs for every move, the fee also unburdens participants’ administration by combining all costs and value in one single fee. 80% of the fee is used for CO2 compensation, while 20% is used to for our core components, licenses, the Parsifal EcoAudit, reporting and our Certificates.

Full CO2 compensation

ecolegIT core components

MoveTech licenses

Parsifal EcoAudit

Monitoring and reporting

ecolegIT Certificates


Is used for compensation of the CO2 emission

Current projects


The forestry project in Bolivia contributes to forest restoration, more sustainable land use and improved socio-economic conditions. The area lies at the eastern foothills of the Andes and is popular with travelers for its beautiful mountain peaks and the beauty of the subtropical jungles.


In Chiapas, a state of Mexico, new native forests are being planted. This way, the endangered hillside forests are being restored and local farmers are helped to use their land more sustainably through agroforestry.

Easy digital compensation

Upload individual compensations or file bulk compensations by using an Excel file generated from your favorite move management system

Upload compensations for yourself or for one of your clients

The ecolegIT program offers you full insight into your emission compensations through the online ecolegIT portal

View the compensations for yourself and your clients through quarterly and yearly reporting