White paper: Sustainable Global Mobility

A guide to offsetting carbon emissions for employee relocations

The importance of carbon offsetting in corporate relocations can’t be overstated in today’s globalized world. As businesses expand their operations worldwide and relocate employees to different countries, the resulting carbon emissions contribute significantly to the overall carbon footprint.

As a corporate, it is time to take your responsibility in the field of sustainability. In this white paper we give you more information on how you can offset the carbon emissions of talent relocations, how forestry projects work and other topics you should consider.

In this white paper

  • We explain the difference between reducing carbon emissions and carbon offsetting and give more information about carbon credits;
  • You will read more about the key benefits of carbon offsetting for corporates, such as environmental responsiblity or sustainable branding;
  • We tell you more about the use of forestry projects for carbon offsetting and the different types of forestry projects

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