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What is ecolegIT?

Never before has humanity been so mobile. We work across the world and move to another continent to start a new adventure. But our growing mobility has a serious ecological impact. How wonderful would it be to reduce the ecological footprint of your company and give nature a helping hand? ecolegIT helps you make your company more sustainable by combining CO2 compensation and technology into one, powerful proposition.

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So how does it work?

ecolegIT is an all-new sustainability program for the moving and global mobility industry that not only compensates the CO2 emission of individual moves, but that structurally changes how these moves are performed. We help you to significantly increase sustainability of your company’s global mobility program, while at the same time improving the mobility experience for your mobility managers and assignees thanks to the use of the latest relocation & moving technology during the moving process.

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Let ecolegIT help you reduce your ecological impact.


Enjoy a sustainable global mobility program through full carbon emission offset for all your talent relocations.

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Service providers & RMC

Whether you’re working for an account or just looking for a greener move, increase sustainability of your company’s workflows.

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Working together with reliable forestry partners.

Trees are vital for a healthy climate. ecolegIT works with reliable forestry partners to plant new trees in developing countries. By building these projects in developing countries they can contribute to better living conditions for the local population. They make sure the social, economic and ecological impact is monitored and controlled.

Full insights into your compensations!

The ecolegIT program offers you full insight into your emission compensations through the online ecolegIT portal. You can access your ecolegIT environment at any time to see which of your contractors have already filed their moves for your company with ecolegIT and to check the compensation and audit status of these moves.

Unique digital certificates as proof of compensation

The ecolegIT fee is tax-deductible due to the Dutch ANBI status of the charity organization responsible for compensating the CO2 emissions

Flexible compensation fees, depending on the chosen mode of transport

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