BGRS Partners with UNLSH Mobility for sustainability initiative

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Press Release - May 27, 2021

BGRS Partners with UNLSH Mobility for New Sustainability Initiative

ecolegIT offers companies an innovative opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of workforce mobility.

Scottsdale, AZ – May 27, 2021 – BGRS and UNLSH Mobility today announced a partnership to bring ecolegIT, the all-new sustainability program for the global mobility industry, to BGRS clients. With ecolegIT, BGRS and UNLSH Mobility address the need to collectively reduce the ecological footprint of employee mobility and contribute to organizations’ sustainability goals.

ecolegIT’s approach involves working with a network of certified, audited partners to offset the carbon footprint associated with employee relocations. The results are audited and certified by industry expert Parsifal Corporation.

The ecolegIT program launches with BGRS as its exclusive relocation management partner. Managing an average annual volume of more than 50,000 moves in 185 countries, BGRS is committed to introducing innovative strategies that help to mitigate the environmental impact of employee mobility.

Mark Adkins, Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain states, “BGRS has always placed high value on environmental sustainability and our clients share that goal. By partnering with ecolegIT, we are providing our clients with a unique, innovative turnkey approach to supporting their corporate sustainability goals.” Tim van Tartwijk, founder of UNLSH Mobility, adds: “With the ecolegIT platform and BGRS at our side as our launching partner, we are setting an important step in the direction of a zero-impact mobility process!

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About UNLSH Mobility

UNLSH Mobility has digital transformation as its core ambition. Continuously looking for opportunities to improve traditional mobility processes by the many possibilities that technology offers, ecolegIT is one of the new platforms by UNLSH Mobility to be released in 2021.

About BGRS

BGRS develops and implements comprehensive mobility solutions for corporate and government clients worldwide. By combining deep industry experience and unparalleled insights on the future of mobility, we design and administer programs that align with our clients’ organizational and talent needs and reflect our focus on a customer experience that includes the choice and flexibility required for today’s global talent. With more than 1,300 people across six continents and service coverage in 185 countries, we blend global perspective with local market strength.


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